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Alto Paraiso is a unique destination where nature already sets the tone for inner exploration. During the last years, this location has become a magnet for adventurers from all continents and presently gathers an international community of vibrant souls. 


This 5000 inhabitants town is located 245 km from Brasilia, where there is an international airport and easy transportation to Alto Paraiso.


This area is the heart of  Chapada dos Veadeiros - one of the largest national parks in Brazil, with hundreds of waterfalls and amazing hiking trails through a unique vegetation including flowers and trees not found elsewhere in the planet. The Cerrado - as this area is called, sits on an ancient crystal plateau, at altitude of approximately 1500 m above sea level.


Its rock formations are one of the oldest on the planet. There are quartz with outcrops of crystals. The landscape is truly spetacular, and many outdoors activities are available, including balloon flights, horse riding, wilderness walks, and more...



To get to Osho Lua, there is a flat trail with beautiful landscapes! On the way, we cross a river so clean you can swim and drink in the same water.

This Sanctuary is a true paradise, and has an energy that is impossible to describe! Vegetarian and vegan cuisine, nourishing body mind and soul, with organic and healthy foods. We have river beaches, wood burning sauna, and the Zendo, a magical temple where practices and experiences take place. With a bonfire in the middle, the Zendo is a warm and sacred space.

On an underground crystal plateau, it maintains an egregore of transformation and reunion with our essence.

Come with us, live this magic in the heart of Chapada dos Veadeiros!

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