ISTA is part of a global transformational shift that is bringing more consciousness to the ways we relate, create and communicate. 

ISTA programs recognise spirituality and sexuality as two expressions of life force. In this union, the power of love is grounded and nourished. 

As a gathering of friends we share a common passion to live in a harmonious, alive planet, where human beings, nature and all sentient kingdoms are respected. We envision a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds, and spirit.

ISTA is a modern synthesis of:

• Spiritual Transmissions;  

• Mystery Schools where the Temple Arts are revived;

• Innovative Business and Creative Community, sharing resources as a Global Network. 


ISTA collaborates with many groups, organisations, and communities around the world.


We implement our vision by co-creating a vibrant and loving culture, while sharing and educating others through conferences, trainings and events around the globe.


Most organisations have a mission statement, a business plan with clear goals, budgets and strategies to achieve them. ISTA is an organism, and those concepts do not apply.


Transformation requires the integration of Awareness - of what we are desiring to achieve, with Presence - of who we are. A symbol for this is the word EARTH which has the H or the goal at the end. If we shift it to the beginning we get HEART.

Once we are anchored in the heart, we can gently focus outward again and the result is HeartH.

ISTA is a Hearth-ship where the fire of spirit has been lit. This can be uncomfortable for people who are used to living in the prevailing earth culture. They want to know Why we are doing it? What we are doing? Who makes the decisions? How do we measure results? How much will they get paid? Our answer to this is often simply - we do not know!!


What we do know, is that as we keep building the fire in the hearth, more people gather around it. As we gather, we share about building fire. The masculine energy of initiating, direction, and focus gets integrated with the feminine qualities of living in the mystery, relating, and being in the flow.

ISTA is a non-profit educational organisation since 2007. What started as gatherings of teachers and practitioners quickly evolved into a collaboration of empowered individuals representing every continent, becoming a vehicle that connects experts from around the globe and presently operates in over 30 countries.


ISTA's mission in the world is the propagation of a culture of love and freedom.

We work to truly integrate the different facets of what it is to be a fully functional human being.

We focus on liberating the life force energy that underlies both as consciousness and form alike.

We work quite deeply with sexuality because this is one of the areas where that life force is collectively blocked or distorted.

We also pay attention to new models of sharing power, building trust and generating synergy.

Money is the third area in this trinity that clearly needs our attention on this planet to help manifest our vision.

Sexual energy linked to heart and consciousness is powerful. Financial energy linked to heart and consciousness is also powerful.

After many years of ISTA operating largely on the goodwill of benefactors and volunteering, we celebrate that we are now generating a positive cash flow.

We have been carefully considering for some time how best to not only use these resources but also how to create protocols that encourage their effective use in empowering in educational ways.

Ways that transform financial energy as an expression of love.


Janine MacDonald, ISTA Lead Faculty

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