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Spiritual  Sexual Shamanic INITIATION


Osho Lua Sanctuary • Alto Paraíso, Brazil 



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Ohad Pele

Lead Facilitator

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Raffaello Manacorda

Co Facilitator

Co Facilitator

Clara Gómez Santos

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ISTA Level 2 is a week-long immersion experience that anchors the peak experiences of  the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSEx) Level 1 into a decisive way of living.

Level 2 guides the participant through a series of self – initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world.

This week provides the teachings and experiences we should have had around our spirituality, our relationship with the transpersonal and its integration with the personal and universal.

This provides us with the opportunity to take initiation – to shift our identity into the soul and become the source of our own life, love and empowered expression in the world.

Its symbol is the offering up of the heart.

Once the life is ‘given up’ or ‘taken over’ by this deeper part of ourselves then we are ready for the greater mysteries – the identification with the universal life of our cosmos and planet.

The self becomes a source of inflowing current to our surroundings enabling others to awaken, initiate and transform. We become a creative force in our environment.

This training is for you if:

• You are curious about who you are beyond the personal.

• You live in the spiritual world and are on some level afraid to BE HERE

• You have forgotten you are an infinite being and need reminding that you are in fact pure limitless potentiality itself

• You long for a deep real and authentic connection with your divinity and wish to connect to and share who you are from that space.

• You struggle with the blood and guts of life and want to die to all that is causing you pain in your life.

• This training is only for those who are ready to burn in the fire of their own love. It is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who can no longer live a lie and want to truly die for love.

The Level 2 training deepens the experience of Level 1 , allows for more hands on practice with some of the tools and techniques taught and provides a alchemical container for transformation through group practice, ritual and meditation.

  • The Shamanic Initiation – its core is death and rebirth. This overcomes the fear of death in the base chakra and also sets the shaman apart from the tribe in order to serve the tribe in a special way. It is an essential component to the integration of sexual and spiritual worlds because it results in the transcendence of ego and the dedication of ones awakened powers to the collective. The result is Power.

  • The Sexual Initiation – The awakening of a deeper relationship with our sexual energies, founded in Level 1, is broadened to provide keys to integrate deeper levels beyond the personal self. In Level 2 we explore transpersonal sacred containers that facilitate the unification of masculine and feminine, angelic and animal aspects allowing the alignment of soul and void. The result is Love.

  • The Spiritual Initiation – Meditation training and essential identity inquiry open us into our primordial awareness and provide a taste of sunyata or the void experience. Each individual has an opportunity for deeper levels of their being to be contacted, honoured and integrated. The result is Presence

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